We congratulate Torben Volkmann to his master-thesis!

The topic of Torben Volkmanns master-thesis is "Feedback mechanisms as an intergenerational communication tool in a historytelling system". He developed the first general analysis for the historytelling context. Moreover, there was developed a component for feedback. With interviews and Workshops with the focus-groups and with created personas designed Torben Volkmann low-fidelity-prototypes for the Feedback for stories after their publishing, for collection of Questions before a publishing and for feedback across generations. High-fidelity-prototypes for the input-screen, for the presentation of stories and for the feedback were also implemented. Additionally, give Torben Volkmann general guidelines for the design of the Historytelling-system. The components of the feedback and the input were evaluated so that there is a foundation for further extensions of the system. Furthermore, analysed Torben Volkmann the social situation at the disclosure of stories. He also collected and ideas and meanings about the Historytelling-projekt.