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Main Members

Nicole Jochems Professor Geb. 64, Raum 006 (1.OG) +49 451-3101 5110 jochems(at)
Torben Volkmann Scientific Assistant Geb. 64, Raum 070 (1.OG) +49 451-3101 5128 volkmann(at)
Michael Sengpiel Scientific Assistant Geb. 64, Raum 041 (3. OG) +49 451-3101 5131 sengpiel(at)


Madeleine Heuer

visualization of the networking of social relationships in the Historytelling-project

Ann-Katrin Störmer

visualisation of the stories in the Histo-rytelling-project

Isabella Miller

age-appropriate development of system elements for motivational support and development of a user onboarding for a Historytelling-System

Simran Gavri

implementation of an Audio-Chatbot for the Historytelling-Project

Jan Heidinger

age appropriate design for the Historytelling-Website

Rita Karam

age appropriate design of a feedback component for verbal language input in the Historytelling-System

Kira von Horsten

visualization of the Historytelling-System's timeline

Friedemann Dohse

age appropriate analysis and design of an input mask for the Historytelling-System

Daniel Grosche

computer-aided reminders for the Historytelling-System: conception and development of a web-application regarding grandparent-grandchildren-relationships


Deniz Akyildiz, Nikolas Knickrehm und Fabian Vorholt

development and integretation of stimulus-material in the Historytelling-Project

Jan Heidinger, Sara Malchow, Leon Schmid und Amelie Unger

development of a styleguide for the Historytelling-project

Sara Malchow, Leon Schmid, Amelie Unger und Jasmin Wollgast

reminiszenz objects in a museum

Julia Abt, Christoph Konietzko, Henryk Kozarzewski und Tobias Köhn

development of the input-mask for storries in the Historytelling-project

Carmen Asami, Nathalie Fast, Matthias Neudel, Nikita Sukhanau und Adrian Zumbruch

conception und development of a Webseite fot the Historytelling-projekt