designed start screen of the Historytelling-systems

We congratulate Jan Heidinger to his bachelor-thesis!

Under the title "age-appropiate implementation of the registration process for the Historytelling system" this work deals with the creation of a usable registration process for older people. In a human-centered design process, Jan Heidinger discovered at which points in the registration process older people experience difficulties. He used elaborated design approaches to counteract these problems. On this basis he created a mock-up for this process. This was evaluated by experts and implemented as a web application and subsequently tested with the user group. The majority of the surveyed users are reluctant to register online. Jan Heidinger found out that older people, apart from the operation itself, regard data protection as questionable. Reasons for this are divided into three categories: Lack of understanding of the technical background, trust in the provider and poor assessment of one's own abilities. We look forward to being able to use this developed component, which counteracts these problems, in the future.

the developed registration